Tara Pac is the leading supplier of packaging and packing solutions in the Nordic countries. We consider it to be of great importance to continually work to promote packages/packing that are more eco friendly. Our selection of buckets and jars are available in recycled materials, even PET bottles are delivered in recycled material and are food safe.

More eco friendly packaging

Tara Pac’s environmental policy is that we by continuous improvement will prevent and minimize negative impact on the environment from packages, transports and the rest of our operation as a whole. Our goal is to surpass the regulations and laws that exist.

This will happen as we:

  • Integrate environmental work in our long-term planning.
  • Inform, educate and engage the staff in environmental issues.
  • Put demands on our suppliers that their wares and services are acceptable from an environmental standpoint.
  • Work towards transports taking place in a way that is as favourable to the environment as possible.
  • Work towards increased re-use or recycling of materials and equipment if it is favourable to the environment.
  • Prioritize suppliers which live up to our environmental policy.