JET+ 205 || 20,6 L

JET+ 205 | Plastic bucket in 20,6 litres

JET+ 205 is part of a series of round plastic buckets which are 100 % leak proof in the shaker. It is specially adapted for the paint and chemistry industry, as well as has a big display area for marketing. Stackable, food safe, suitable for shakers and can be designed with digital printing or a sharp IML printing.

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JET+ 10910.8 liter298 mm210 mm
JET+ 12512.8 liter290 mm261.3 mm
JET+ 17717.35 liter323.5 mm278 mm
JET+ 18017.7 liter323 mm287 mm
JET+ 18518.9 liter322.5 mm311.5 mm
JET+ 19518.8 liter327 mm309 mm
JET+ 20520.6 liter323.5 mm333 mm