JSL 24 || 2,3 L

  • JSL 24 || 2,3 L
  • JSL 24 || 2,3 L
JSL 24 | Plastic bucket in 2,3 liters

Is a part of a series of plastic buckets with thinner plastic which is adapted for lighter products. It is a solution which saves resources and is cost effective. Food safe, stackable, optimal for re-use and can be designed with digital printing or a sharp IML printing.

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JSL 202.08 liters155.6 mm163.3 mm
JSL 212.1 liters179 mm142.5 mm
JSL 242.3 liters179 mm142.2 mm
JSL 404.17 liters225.6 mm147 mm
JSL 535.1 liters227.1 mm180 mm