JET 62 || 6.2 L

JET 62 | Plastic bucket in 6,2 liters

A packing which is a part of our series with smaller plastic buckets and has the ISO volume 6,2 liters. The plastic bucket is 227 mm in diameter with a hight of 212 mm and is suited for the paint and food industry. The bucket is adjusted for shakers, is food safe and offers lid with a seal that prolongs sustainability.

Our buckets are made of Polypropylene (PP). Fast deliveries of round, oval, square and rectangular plastic buckets of high quality at a good price.  The buckets in plastic are a packaging solution for wet or dry content which can be both hot filled or frozen. The packages can be provided with an oxygen barrier that prolongs sustainability.  Chose transparent or plastic in your own colour with the latest in digital printing or a sharp IML printing.

For a more eco friendly package we offer it in recycled materials.

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JET 101.1 liters200 mm54 mm
JET 222.2 liters201.5 mm105 mm
JET 232.3 liters175 mm131.7 mm
JET 242.6 liters185 mm135 mm
JET 252.6 liters201.5 mm124 mm
JET 262.7 liters175 mm157 mm
JET 303 liters201.5 mm139 mm
JET 313.1 liters226.4 mm111.5 mm
JET 333.1 liters185 mm162 mm
JET 343.3 liters201.5 mm155 mm
JET 353.6 liters227 mm124 mm
JET 383.9 liters201.5 mm177 mm
JET 444.6 liters227 mm157 mm
JET 505 liters227 mm173 mm
JET 525.2 liters225 mm177.3 mm
JET 535.4 liters227 mm181 mm
JET 545.4 liters240 mm156 mm
JET 565.7 liters227 mm195 mm
JET 585.9 liters240 mm172 mm
JET 626.2 liters227 mm212 mm
JET 707.3 liters270 mm188 mm
JET 868.8 liters270 mm222 mm
JET 10310.6 liters270 mm255 mm
JET 10710.8 liters270 mm264 mm
JET 11011.3 liters294 mm223 mm
JET 11211.6 liters268 mm285 mm
JET 12513.2 liters293 mm256 mm
JET 15015.9 liters293 mm313 mm
JET 16016.1 liters326 mm249 mm
JET 17517.7 liters300 mm326 mm
JET 18017.7 liters326 mm275 mm
JET 20020.2 liters326 mm313 mm
JET 21021.3 liters326 mm332 mm
JET 23023.1 liters380 mm272 mm
JET 26027.6 liters380 mm326 mm
JET 27527.5 liters340 mm400 mm
JET 30031.5 liters380 mm371 mm
JET 32032.6 liters380 mm389 mm