JETR 57 || 5,8 L

JETR 57 | Plastic bucket in 5,8 liters

A packing which is a part of our series with rectangular plastic buckets and has the ISO volume 5,8 liters. The plastic bucket measures 286×198 mm i LxW with a height of 151 mm and takes up less room on the pallet, and is specially adapted for the paint industry. The bucket is also beneficial for marketing as it has a large, wide space, is food safe and offers lid with a seal that prolongs sustainability.

Our rectangular buckets are made of Polypropylene (PP). Fast deliveries of round, oval, square and rectangular plastic buckets of high quality at a good price.  The buckets in plastic are a packaging solution for wet or dry content which can be both hot filled or frozen.  Chose transparent or plastic in your own colour with the latest in IML printing.

For a more eco friendly package we offer it in recycled materials.

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