JETQ 80 || 8,5 L

JETQ 80 | Plastic bucket in 8,5 liters

A packing which is a part of our series with square plastic buckets and has the ISO volume 8,5 liters. The plastic bucket measures 287×248 mm i LxW with a height of 180 mm and takes up less room on the pallet, and is beneficial for marketing since it has large, wide spaces.  Is also food safe and offers lid with a seal that prolongs sustainability.

Our square buckets are made of Polypropylene (PP). Fast deliveries of round, oval, square and rectangular plastic buckets of high quality at a good price.  The buckets in plastic are a packaging solution for wet or dry content which can be both hot filled or frozen.  Chose transparent or plastic in your own colour with the latest in IML printing.

For a more eco friendly package we offer it in recycled materials.

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