JCL 30 || 3,08 L

  • JCL 30 || 3,08 L
  • JCL 30 || 3,08 L
JCL 30 | Plastic bucket in 3.08 liters

Is a part of our series of plastic buckets which have a more compact form than the classic pail. The shape makes the package extremely stable and endures transport better. The most important detail is the handle which has a close fitting function that guarantees that the sides are visible.

For a more eco friendly package we offer it in recycled materials, which can be designed with a sharp IML printing. The plastic bucket is suitable for the paint and food industry since it is stackable, food safe and optimal for re-use.

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JCL 303.08 liters199.5 mm133 mm
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JCL 545.5 liters226.8 mm181 mm
JCL 565.7 liters227.4 mm194 mm
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