JETB 860 || 900 ml

  • JETB 860 || 900 ml
  • JETB 860 || 900 ml
  • JETB 860 || 900 ml
JETB 860| Plastic tub with 900 ml

A packing which is a part of our series of round plastic tubs and has the ISO volume 0,90 liters. The tub measures 132 mm in diameter with a height of 104,5 mm and is stackable as well as user friendly, and can be delivered with or without plastic handles. The plastic tubs are also food safe and offer lid with a seal that prolongs sustainability.

Our round tubs are made of Polypropylene (PP). The tubs in plastic are a packaging solution for wet or dry content which can be both hot filled or frozen.  Chose transparent or plastic in your own colour with the latest in IML printing.

For a more eco friendly package we offer it in recycled materials.

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JETB 1200.12 liter68.5 mm53 mm
JETB 1550.155 liter68.5 mm68.5 mm
JETB 1800.19 liter94.5 mm45 mm
JETB 1900.19 liter76 mm67 mm
JETB 2100.21 liter94.5 mm48.5 mm
JETB 2200.22 liter75.8 mm77.1 mm
JETB 2800.28 liter94.5 mm61.5 mm
JETB 3650.36 liter94 mm81 mm
JETB 3660.37 liter94.5 mm80 mm
JETB 4750.48 liter98 mm97.5 mm
JETB 4800.48 liter117,5 mm67 mm
JETB 5000.54 liter109 mm97,5 mm
JETB 5200.52 liter94,5 mm114,5 mm
JETB 5500.56 liter118 mm80 mm
JETB 5600.57 liter132 mm63,5 mm
JETB 6000.60 liter109 mm102.5 mm
JETB 8500.86 liter118 mm125 mm
JETB 8600.90 liter132 mm104.5 mm
JETB 8700.86 liter118 mm124 mm
JETB 10001.05 liter118 mm145 mm
JETB 11801.18 liter132.7 mm130.6 mm
JETB 101.09 liter146 mm93 mm
JETB 111.10 liter132 mm122 mm
JETB 121.2 liter132 mm132 mm
JETB 131.18 liter132 mm132 mm
JETB 151.61 liter146 mm139 mm