JETS 1300 || 1130 ml

  • JETS 1300 || 1130 ml
  • JETS 1300 || 1130 ml
  • JETS 1300 || 1130 ml
JETS 1300 | Plastic tub with 1130 ml

Is a part of our series of smaller square plastic tubs and has an ISO volume of 1130 ml. The plastic jar is stackable and user friendly, and can be delivered in every different colour or transparent. JETS 1300 is suited perfectly for fresh products like salad or fruit since it is food safe, optimal for re-use and offers lid with a seal which prolongs sustainability.

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JETS 1500.16 liters110.5x85.5 mm25.8 mm
JETS 1800.19 liters110.5x85.5 mm29.8 mm
JETS 2500.25 liters110.5x85.5 mm37.5 mm
JETS 2800.28 liters140x100 mm39 mm
JETS 3000.31 liters110.5x85.5 mm46.5 mm
JETS 4500,45 liters131,7x89,5 mm70,9 mm
JETS 5800.58 liters140x100 mm72.5 mm
JETS 6000.53 liters97x97.5 mm90.3 mm
JETS 6400.64 liters129x129 mm64 mm
JETS 9000.92 liters197.5x139.5 mm65.5 mm
JETS 13001.13 liters179.5x98.8 mm90.5 mm
JETS 101.15 liters129x129 mm110 mm
JETS 111.14 liters115x175 mm89 mm
JETS 121.15 liters128.5x191.5 mm73 mm
JETS 141.45 liters164x144 mm97.5 mm
JETS 151.4 liters129x129 mm147.6 mm
JETS 181.8 liters148x148 mm123.5 mm
JETS 191.9 liters195x195 mm71.5 mm
JETS 202.11 liters188x188 mm85.7 mm
JETS 212.2 liters129x129 mm215.6 mm
JETS 222.3 liters180x180 mm100.6 mm
JETS 232.55 liters260x238 mm61 mm
JETS 242.4 liters198x157.5 mm105 mm
JETS 303.2 liters345x250 mm62 mm
JETS 313.1 liters195x195 mm113 mm
JETS 343.4 liters260x238 mm84 mm
JETS 505.8 liters345x250 mm103 mm
JETS 535.4 liters260.5x238.5 mm127 mm