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We offer a wide range of plastic jars, plastic bottles and plastic buckets as well as metal packaging. Find the products you are looking for by browsing through our different product categories. We are one of the leading packaging suppliers in the Scandinavian market. To us, it is important to think about sustainability in your choice of packaging. If you want help to make your packaging more sustainable, we are happy to help.


Our range includes many special plastic bottles, plastic jars and plastic buckets with lid that we don’t promote on our website. So if you can’t find the products you are looking for, please call or send us an email and we will get back to you in no time.

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The most important thing we have as a packaging supplier is our people, they are competent and creative.
We take care of our commons experiences in the best way and together make a really good team.

Daniel Skoglösa 1 Daniel Skoglösa 2

Daniel Skoglösa

Sales manager
+46 (0)46-23 80 97 daniel@tarapac.com
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Kenny Linder 1 Kenny Linder 2

Kenny Linder

Key account manager
+46 (0)46-23 80 98 kenny@tarapac.com
Musik- och sportintresserad vinnarskalle
Olof Andersson 1 Olof Andersson 2

Olof Andersson

+46 (0)46-23 80 94 olof@tarapac.com
Skärgår'n är livet!
Oskar Hansson 1 Oskar Hansson 2

Oskar Hansson

+46 (0)46-23 80 51 oskar@tarapac.com
Jag fiskar gammelgäddan!
Lars Persson 1 Lars Persson 2

Lars Persson

+46 (0)46-23 80 91 lars@tarapac.com
You'll never walk alone
Peter Olsson 1 Peter Olsson 2

Peter Olsson

Owner & development
+46 (0)46-23 80 41 peter@tarapac.com
Lev livet varje dag!
Marcus Karlsson 1 Marcus Karlsson 2

Marcus Karlsson

Business controller
+46 (0)46-23 80 44 marcus@tarapac.com
Jessica Lundgren 1 Jessica Lundgren 2

Jessica Lundgren

Marketing coordinator
+46 (0)46-23 80 92 jessica@tarapac.com
KBK - Kör Bara Kör!
Pernilla Holstein 1 Pernilla Holstein 2

Pernilla Holstein

Sales coordinator
+46 (0)46-23 80 95 pernilla@tarapac.com
Lena Lindbäck 1 Lena Lindbäck 2

Lena Lindbäck

Sales coordinator
+46 (0)46-23 80 96 lena@tarapac.com
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